Maid 2 Squirt



Starring Lexi , China Doll & Tommy

While relaxing one evening, Tom & Lexi are stunned to
discover that their ne maid appeared in a nude
magazine. Intrigued , they tentatively ask if her bio is
true. Could it be possible that they encountered another
woman, besides Lexi whose orgasms squirted out like an
ejaculation? As the maid China confirms this fact, the
couple expresses their desire to experience this first
hand. The fun begins as Tom's Oral skills bring the
sexual fluids gushing into his face. Tingling and
shivering from her climatic explosions chinas moans
increase as Tom begins to fuck her to even wetter
heights. Tom is thrilled to feel the warm wet fluid
beneath his body as they change positions and china
climbs on top for mind blowing action. Tommy drowns
after her slit releases buckets of CUM After more
sizzling action, the threesome has some fun with
chocolate,whipped cream and strawberries. This sticky
mess leads to an orally stimulating session between Tom
& Lexi that ends with Tom fucking her to even wetter
squirting orgasms. In the final scene Tom takes China
doggie style before squirting his orgasm onto her
backside. This is one HOT & WET video.