Starring Lexi & Tommy

Lexi has been very naughty lately. She's went on a
spending spree without her Masters permission. When
her Dom, Tom gets his credit card statement he knows
that his sub must be punished. Watch as he masterfully
punishes his sub lexi. As he uses that hard paddle, his
belt and a cat of nine tails across her fleshy ass cheeks.
He also whips her tits quite hard and we get to hear lexi
moan as the cat & belt strike her.As Lexi's soft massive
ass turns bright red from the force of the blows her
sexual passion rises. Master Tom can see her wetnes as
he punishes her clit. He orders his sub lexi, to dep throat
his hard dick. Lexi sucks him eagerlly. This video is over
2 hours of hot action.!!!